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About Huliot

Huliot is a global manufacturer headquartered in Israel, with two additional manufacturing facilities in India & Slovenia.

Established in 1947, Huliot specializes in flow products, developing and manufacturing innovative pipes and fittings systems for multiple applications - water supply, drainage, sewerage, wastewater treatment and recycling systems catered for the building and infrastructure sectors.

All Huliot’s products are manufactured in accordance with both European and Israeli standards, while all manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

As part of the company's vision “to act to protect the physical environment”, Huliot has been active since 2010 in the design and manufacturing of packaged,modular and mobile greywater and wastewater treatment plants for waterreuse and recycling.

ClearBlackTM Features
MBR- Membrane Bio Reactor

ClearBlackTM is a modular wastewater treatment solution.

MBR- Membrane Bio Reactor, combines biological and membrane technologies into one operating unit.

MBR processes can produce steady effluent of high quality to be discharged to coastal, surface or waterways or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation.

Smaller Footprint

ClearBlackTM MBR is significantly more compact than conventional treatment technologies. No need for large clarifiers or additional filters. A smaller tank, housing the membrane modules, replaces the clarifier. In addition, the membrane allows higher sludge concentration in the bioreactor (MLSS). All this, together, with our smart engineering, makes ClearBlack™the most compact packaged treatment system in the market.

Excellent Effluent Quality

In the ClearBlackTM bioreactor, the biomass decomposes inorganic and organic pollutants while pathogens, viruses and macromolecules are completely retained in the system by the membrane. The membrane Module serves as a complete barrier. Thus, high effluent quality is achieved with recycling and irrigations options. CLEARBLACK MBR produces treated effluent that comply and exceeds the highest local and international standards.

Lower Sludge Disposal Cost

In the ClearBlackTM system, the activated sludge formed in the bioreactor is at very high levels of MLSS. The excess sludge to be removed is more concentrated thus lowering the disposal cost.

NO Sand Filters, NO Activated Carbon

The membrane technology makes it unnecessary to use inefficient sand filters and activated carbon filters, which frequently tend to be clogged and require media replacement. In the ClearBlack™solid removal is done by an integrated ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and includes automatic chemical and physical cleaning. This ensures higher reliability and lower operation.

Simple Operation

The ClearBlackTM is a simple and reliable system, tolerant to organic and hydraulic fluctuations producing steady high quality with minimal technician attendance. The process is automatic and remotely controlled.

ClearBlackTM System – conceptual process

No smells, no noise- The system can be integrated within crowded neighborhoods, Industrial Parks, Campuses etc.

The system is working with high efficient aeration system controlled to work according to specific wastewater variations and site ambient conditions with low energy requirements.

Modular and Flexible

The various ClearBlack™models can treat 25-100 m3/day of domestic effluents for reuse, per unit. Several units can be installed in parallel for higher capacity or future expansion.

The system can be installed underground or above ground, easily connected to the sewer system and to the treated water reservoir.

ClearBlackTM Benefits:
  • Compact system with extra-small footprint
  • High effluent quality
  • Low operation cost per m³ of water
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Totally autonomous
  • Total I.o.T. connectivity
  • Modular and flexible packaged units
  • No smells, no noise

Address: Huliot Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd. 401, Siddharth Complex next to Express Hotel, R.C.Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat, 390007.

call: +91 (265) 2330673

Mail: info@huliot.in

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